Best Surfing Spot in Bali

Bali is not only a goddess island for honeymooners, but it is also a paradise for surfers.
Bali and nearby islands have some top surfing spots, suitable for beginners and also for pros.
You need to understand the level of waves to fits your skill hence you do not sucked up in whirlpool of giant waves.
Below are the best 5 surfing spots in Bali based on the levels of difficulty.

Surfing in Kuta Beach: Beginner-Intermediate


The most friendly for beginner is to try your surfing skill in Kuta Beach. The beach is close to the nightlife center in Legian area, therefore the beach is always full of people. Kuta beach has soft tide and average height of waves that make it a very good for beginner as first step to do white water surfing. There are plenty lifeguards as well on the because who will help you in case you are in trouble. It might also a good idea to get a surfing lesson from some experts on the beach. For pro surfer, this beach is too easy to be defeated.



Surfing in Canggu Beach: Beginner-Intermediate


Canggu beach is more challenging depends on the tide situation. Canggu is close to Seminyak are and about 30 minutes from Kuta. Canggu beach is a famous spot to surfer whether for beginners or experienced one. There are variety of beaches and reef breaks. A few soft rolling waves which are ideal for beginner and ripple peaks for experts. Canggu beach is a place to have relaxing surf that not extreme but sometimes can get fast. The soft waves and medium tide will make your surfing moment fun and it is also more quiet than Kuta beach.



Surfing in Keramas Beach: Intermediate-Expert


Keramas beach is located after Sanur and before Gianyar area. This was a secret place but now has become one of the famous surfing spots in Bali. Keramas beach has an incredible reef-break in Bali. It is certainly for professional surfers. Keramas beach delivers constant waves and big swells. After 7 am in the morning, the onshore wind may affect the barrel. The end section might become really shallow and more care is needed regarding the sharp reef and some sea urchins. Keramas beach is less crowded than other places, therefore this is the great place for a world class wave without having to battle to stand up on your board.




Surfing in Uluwatu Beach: Intermediate-Expert


Amazing Uluwatu beach is the next destination to try out your surfing skill. First you have to go to the Uluwatu temple and walk down the reef through the cave. Uluwatu is one of the most famous surf spot in Bali and always crowded. There are always some swells and waves to try. The Peak, which is in front of the cave, is the most consistent. Racetracks is also good for tube riders. For outside corner, it only has big swells or low tides. Be careful at high tide to make it back to the cave, therefore this place is only for intermediate surfers. Uluwatu beach has some risks which are shallow water, reefs, and lots surfers. The most crowded moment is when high waves season which is around August until September.



Surfing in Padang-Padang Beach: Expert


Padang-Padang beach is probably the most famous surfing beach in Bali. It is located in Bukit Peninsula, the other side of the Padang-Padang bridge. Surfing competitions are mostly held in this place. The left hand point is strictly for professional surfers since this is the most dangerous hollow wave in Bali. The size ranges from 4 to 12 feet. Treat with caution as well regarding shallow water, coral, and other surfers in Padang-Padang beach. There are also gentle right hand wave that breaks on the beach here, which might be good for intermediate surfers.